How to Combat Weight Gain from Too Much Alcohol

hydroxyeliteAlthough you may not figure it out on the spot, going out and drinking alcohol can truly take its toll on your health and on your body weight, over the years. By no means does this mean that you should quit your night life completely and dedicate yourself entirely to your fitness goals, it only means that you need to take some measures in order to counteract all the negative effects of consuming alcohol on a regular basis, as it is known that alcohol is extremely high in calories and it does not provide you with any nutrients that your body can actually benefit from.

Besides the fact that alcohol can severely damage your liver beyond the point of repair (fortunately, this can be prevented by taking natural supplements designed to protect your liver and to boost its natural repair mechanism), it can actually cause you to gain weight, as your body will store the extra calories coming from the alcohol in the form of fat. This is why HydroxyElite comes in and helps you maintain a healthy and normal weight, without too much effort.

Before detailing the numerous weight loss benefits of Hydroxy Elite, it is essential to mention that just like any other thermogenic fat burner, this supplement manufactured by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals should be used alongside a healthy and balanced diet and a regular exercise schedule. You should not rely exclusively on HydroxyElite to achieve your weight loss goals, especially if you drink regularly – although this supplement can turn out to be an indispensable aid for those who want to stay fit and healthy, it does require some effort from your part!

That being said, HydroxyElite targets the existing fat supplies and “convinces” your body to burn these fat cells to get the energy it needs – naturally, your body would get the energy from the foods you ingest, but with the help of this powerful, all-round thermogenic fat burner, your body will be tricked into burning the existing fat. Besides this, HydroxyElite is also known to boost your energy levels, your strength and your concentration, which certainly comes in handy after a rough weekend of drinking alcohol.

This supplement contains hydroxycitric acid, caffeine, bauhinia purpurea, bacopa monnieri extract, rauwolscine extract and a wealth of other natural extracts that will increase your energy and endurance, while promoting a healthy, efficient and speedy weight loss at the same time. Having said that, if you feel that you went a bit overboard with your night life and your general lifestyle, you can now do something about that with the help of Hydroxyelite – the high HCA content in this supplement can quickly reduce the fatty acids in your body, thus radically changing the way you look and feel within several weeks. If you take Hydroxyelite regularly, not only will you feel better and more energetic, but you will also be able to workout longer and more intensely than ever before, as the supplement is known to improve your alertness and your concentration as well.

Cut The Alcohol if You Want to Bulk Up

muscle buildingIf you aim to bulk up, then you certainly know just how difficult, expensive and time-consuming this can be – besides, gaining some extra muscle mass also requires you to make some sacrifices, both in terms of diet and lifestyle. If you are the type of person who waits all week for the weekend only to go out and get drunk, then you might want to reconsider your lifestyle –ultimately, it is known that alcohol can hinder your gym progress and it can actually reverse it, if you are not being careful enough. One or two drinks a week may not cause any harm, especially if you opt for wine as opposed to hard liquor, but it is imperative to be aware of all the side effects associated with alcohol and why these “empty calories” will not benefit you at all.

Why Is Alcohol So Counterproductive?

In order to understand why it is important to limit your alcohol intake when you go out if you still want to have a rock hard body, you must firstly know how alcohol works and how it affects your body. Alcohol does not have any nutritional value whatsoever: there are no vitamins, minerals or proteins present in it, but instead it has around seven calories per milliliter. In other words, one small shot of vodka can have around 100 calories, which is anything but beneficial to your muscle building efforts.

It is a known fact that calories are your worst enemy when it comes to weight loss and muscle building, but besides the fact that alcohol is very high in calories, it has yet another notable downside that you should know about – it slows down your metabolic rate, which means that your body will not burn the existing calories at the same pace. The slower the metabolic rate, the more difficult it will be for you to stay fit in the long run. Besides this, alcohol is known to cause dehydration, which takes its toll on your body on many different levels. Not only does dehydration affect your muscles, but it also dries up your skin and lowers your workout intensity and protein synthesis by up to one fifth.

How Can You Enjoy Your Weekends To The Fullest Without All These Side Effects?

Just because alcohol has a series of negative effects on your health and your overall fitness status, this does not mean that you can no longer enjoy your weekends to the fullest. There are several simple “safety precautions” that you can take in order to keep these negative effects to a minimum, and one of the most important tips is to eat before you go out. This will not only prevent those bothersome stomach aches later on, but it will also make you drink less.

On the other hand, staying hydrated is an aspect of utmost importance, so make sure to drink one glass of water for every cocktail or glass of whiskey – the water will hydrate your muscles and replenish all the lost nutrients, while preventing the dreaded hangover at the same time.